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Study In Singapore

Singapore is a more secured place in the whole world, as there were not bombings or attacks in the recent times. Cultural Melting pot of west & east with people from all around the world. Country’s core population has been mainly built from immigrants from China, India & Malaysia English is official speaking language for Singapore. Rank 3 for best education system in the world. No 3 for life expectancy No 1 for Airport No 8 for Transport system No 6 for Infrastructure

Emerging Sectors In Singapore

Top world banks & MNCs are located and have their HW for operation in Asian countries. Singapore leads Southeast Asia's banking and finance hub as banking, foreign exchange and insurance have been the key growth areas in this sector

Popular Courses In Singapore


Travel and Tourism       Hospitality

Hotel Management


Pathway Programs: Singapore provides students with benefits of pathway programs to enter USA/ Canada.

Cost Of Education:

The COST OF EDUCATION varies from 20000SGD$ to 30000SGD$.The average living costs vary from 750SGD$ to 1000SGD$.

Student can apply for PR after getting Job, Which depends on usually salary range

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